19th International Congress of Aesthetics in Krakow, Poland (21 – 27 July 2013)

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Report from the organizing committee.

First of all, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to thank aestheticians across the world: both for your interest in the 19ICA in Krakow and for your involvement in the preparation of the congress.

The organization for the Congress is progressing very well.. The stage of accepting abstracts has just ended. We received almost 500 applications from 53 countries: most from the USA, Japan, China and of course Poland.

Congress website   The Final program of ICA19 is now downloadable!

Plenary presentations:

Presidential Lecture (Curtis L. Carter, President of the IAA) Aesthetics and the Arts in Action

Four plenary panels:

Aesthetic Engagement (Arnold Berleant (USA)

Participants: Madalina Diaconu (Romania/Austria),  Xiangzhan Cheng (China), Nathalie Blanc (France), Jale Erzen (Turkey);

Aesthetics and Politics (Aleš Erjavec (Slovenia)

Participants: Tyrus Miller (USA),  Miodrag Šuvakovi? (Serbia); Gabriela ?witek (Poland)

Somaesthetics (Richard Shusterman (USA)

Participants:  Else Marie Bukdahl (Denmark), Tanehise Otabe (Japan), Krystyna Wilkoszewska (Poland);

Aesthetics Beyond Aesthetics (Wolfgang Welsch (Germany)

Participants: Peng Feng (China),  Eduardo Kac (USA)

Two  ‘round table’ discussions:

History and Future of the International Congresses.

Chair: Aleš Erjavec (Slovenia);

Participants: Curtis L.Carter (USA), Gao Jianping (China), Miško Šuvakovi? (Serbia), Bohdan Dziemidok (Poland), Chong-hwan Oh (Seoul, Korea), Arnold Berleant (USA), Zsolt Batori (Budapest, Hungary).

Aesthetics in 20th Century Poland.

Chair: Alicja Kuczy?ska (Poland)
Participants: Joseph Margolis (USA), Zdenka Kalnicka (Czech), Zofia Rosi?ska (Poland) ), Gao Jianping (China), Bohdan Dziemidok (Poland) .

Panel sessions

Noël Carroll’s Theory of Interpretation (Ewa Bogusz-Bo?tu?, Poland/USA, with Noël Carroll’s participation);

The Open of Interpretation (Joseph Margolis, USA);

Aesthetics in the Philosophy of Culture (Zofia Rosi?ska/Marcin Rychter, Poland);

Ordinary Life, Art Practice, Concrete Experience: Art Beyond Aesthetic Dogmas (Kenneth Stikkers, USA);

Aesthetics and Politics of Biotechnological Art (Polona Tratnik, Slovenia)

Towards a New Transaesthetics: Aesthetics and Ontology in Current Bio Art Practices (Ingeborg Reichle, Germany; Nicole C. Karafyllis, Germany; Suzanne Anker, United States; Jos de Mul, The Netherlands).

Global Aesthetics and Chinese Aesthetics (Eva Wah Man, Hong Kong);

Applied Social Art: The Potential of Art and Criticism after March 11, 2011 (Akiko Kasuya, Japan);

Aesthetic Accounts on Japanese Pop-culture (Hisashi Muroi, Japan);

The Artful Species: Aesthetics, Art, and Evolution (Participants: Stephen Davies, New Zealand; Mohan Matthen, Canada; Wilfried van Damme, Belgium; Joseph Carroll, US; Moderator: Jerzy Luty, Poland)

Aesthetics and Landscape (Raffaele Milani, Italy, Yuko Nakama, Japan);

Spatial Perception and Aesthetics of Court and Garden (Jeongil Seo, Korea);

Cyberaesthetics – the Phenomena of Electronic Art (Michal Ostrowicki, Poland);

Art in Action (Maja Piotrowska Tryzno, Poland);

Participatory Art: Ethics and Politics (Michael Kelly, USA);

Artification (Yrj? Sep?nmaa, Finland);

The Perfomativity of Images in the Social Context (Aleksandra ?ukaszewicz Alcaraz, Poland); Between Loss and Repetition. Creativity as Response to Death as the Negative Muse (Bogna J. Obidzinska, Poland);

Polish Music and Modernity (Teresa Malecka, Poland);

Rediscovering Susanne Langer’s Relevance for Contemporary Aesthetics and Theory of Art (Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin, UK).

From three to six people take part in each panel session,  with about 80 participants in total.  Every panel session is intended to last 1.5 hour with discussion.

Individual presentations

We received 370 abstracts for individual presentations. Among the 10 topics offered for selection, “Aesthetics – Vision and Revision” (100 abstracts) and “Aesthetics in Practice” (63 abstracts) received the most interest.


Preliminary Schedule of First Day of the Congress

Here is a preliminary schedule of the first day of the Congress.

The registration will start 21st July in the evening and will be continued July 22nd morning.

The Opening Ceremony will start 22nd July, at 10.00, followed by the Presidential Lecture and the ‘round table’ discussion concerning the 100th anniversary of ICA. In the afternoon  the first plenary panel and a concert will take place.

The complete schedule will be ready by May and every participant will be informed about the time and date of his/her presentation. The venue of the congress is Auditorium Maximum. Additional presentations will take place in nearby Collegium Novum and Museum of Contemporary Art.

The host of the congress is the Jagiellonian University. Additional support for the Congress is provided by other institutions in Krakow: The City of Krakow, the   Academy of Music, Pedagogical University,  Krakow Frycz Academy, Academy of Fine Arts, Museums (Mocak, Manggha, Bunkier of Art).

Dear Friends, thank you once more for your interest in the ICA in Krakow. We are looking forward to having you here in Poland.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee

Krystyna Wilkoszewska

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