2014-08-15/19 (Kaifeng) International Conference “Literary Theories and Critiques of Our Time”

International Conference “Literary Theories and Critiques of Our Time” & 11thAnnual Conference of China Association of Sino-Foreign Literary and Arts Theories (CASFLAT), August 15-19, 2014

Henan University, Kaifeng, Henan Province, China co-sponsored by CASFLAT, Henan University College of Humanities, Section of Literary Theories of Institute of Literature, CASS, and International Association for Aesthetics      

The 11th Annual Conference of CASFLAT on “The Literary Theory and Critique of Our Times” concentrates on the relationship of literary theory and critique to the times, society and contemporary living condition. Theme of 2014 is to restate the commitment of relating literary theoretical studies with the presence of contemporary China, in the hope of exploring the ways to rectifying the separation between theories and practices, and the inadequate introductions and interpretations of the foreign and classical literary theories.

This conference will include panel presentations, and keynote speeches by invited international scholars, as well as roundtable discussions. This conference welcomes papers address on, but not limited to, the following research topics:

  1. 1.Literary Theory: Origins and Characters
  2. 2.Methodology, Value of Literary Critique and its present situation
  3. 3.Foreign Literary Theories and Its Impact
  4. 4.Classical Literary Theory in Contemporary Times
  5. 5.Chances and Challenges of Literary Theory
  6. 6.Western Marxist Literary Theories and Contemporary Cultural Critique
  7. 7.Eco-Criticism and Cultural Concerns

Please reply to liuzhuo@cass.org.cn This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your confirmation and paper abstract no later than May 31th, and the formal conference invitation will be sent upon early June. Modified versions of the selected papers of the conference will be published in the Journal of CASFLAT reviewed by peer scholars.

The conference committee has arranged three post-conference cultural tours: Luoyang (Shaolin Temple and Longmen Grottos), Anyang (Relics of Yin Dynasty), and Kaifeng (Dragon Pagoda, Prime Minister Temple, Jin-Shan-Gan Guild Hall). Note: these tours are not covered by the registration fee and will be conducted by local tourist agencies.

We cordially welcome you to attend our 11th CASFLAT conference and look forward to the reunion in Kaifeng! Should you have any questions, please contact with us:

Liu Zhuo: liuzhuo@cass.org.cn This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; (86-10) 135-2061-9526