About the International Association for Aesthetics

The IAA currently consists of 30 collective  members, i.e. national and regional societies for aesthetics, and hundreds of individual members. The main aim of the IAA is to give institutional recognition to aesthetics as a field of humanistic knowledge, to encourage and promote inquiry into aesthetics, and to disseminate its findings. The IAA does this by publishing the IAA Newsletter (published on this website), an IAA Yearbook, and organizing international congresses: the last ones being those in Rio de Janeiro in 2004, Ankara in 2007, Beijing in 2010, Krakow in 2013, Seoul in 2016, Belgrade in 2019 and Belo Horizonte in 2023. All scholars interested in philosophical or other kinds of aesthetics and in related areas such as art history, comparative literature, musicology, visual arts, cultural studies. etc., are invited to become members of our Association, thus joining a community of aestheticians which has institutionally existed for a century.