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The Journal of Aesthetics and Phenomenology aims to encourage and promote research in aesthetics that draws inspiration from the phenomenological tradition as broadly understood, where “phenomenology” is inclusive of, but goes beyond the limits of, intellectual practices associated with the tradition and its well-known representative thinkers.  Unique in the English speaking world, the journal welcomes scholarly articles written in a phenomenological vein as well as analyses of aesthetic phenomena by researchers working on phenomenology within analytic philosophy.  

The field of the Journal of Aesthetics and Phenomenology is further defined by its close connections with the arts and culture, including the reality of human experience and its environment. Besides philosophical rigor, the journal puts emphasis on both creativity of ideas and precision of language. It provides a platform for new innovative ideas crossing the boundaries of both philosophical traditions and traditionally accepted fields of research in aesthetics.

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Volume 1, Number 1, May 2014

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pp. 5-6(2) 

Authors: Cipriani, Gerald; Haapala, Arto



Settled-There: Heidegger on the work of art as the cultivation of place 
pp. 7-32(26) 
Author: Glendinning, Simon

Why Skeptics Paint, or Imagining “Skepoiesis ”: Un-Knowing and Re-Knowing Aesthetics Martin Ovens 
pp. 33-62(30) 
Author: Ovens, Martin

Art, Expression, Perception and Intentionality 
pp. 63-90(28) 
Author: Jacquette, Dale

The Possibility of an Island: Michel Houellebecq’s Tragic Humanism 
pp. 91-110(20) 
Author: de Mul, Jos


To What Extent is the New Ecological Consciousness a Religious Phenomenon? 
pp. 111-118(8) 
Author: Grondin, Jean

Book Review
pp. 119-124(6) |Author: Rapko, John