Announcement – Young Scholar Awards


Young Scholar Awards

Juhan Yoon, Seoul National University, Korea, Cognitive Value and Artistic Value of Fictional Narrative Art

Kunhong Choi, Seoul National University, Korea, Aesthetic Particularism and Presumptive Justifications

Sung, Ji Eun, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA, Thwarted Utopia: Kim Ku-lim’s Experiment on Modern Art and Life

Yuan-chieh Yang, University of Alberta, Canada, Emotion, Accessibility, and Mass Art

Hu, Xiaoyan, The University of Liverpool, England, Beyond Representation: Reconsidering Loehr’s Periodisation of Chinese Painting

Keunchang  Oh, Purdue University, USA, Judgment and Frame: Two Key Concepts for Deconstructing Kantian Aesthetics

Moonyoung Song, University of Maryland, USA, Anti-intentionalism about Musical Expressiveness

Niels van Poecke, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Conversation with the Blues: on the tragic aspects of American blues music

Marie Moriguchi, Kansai University, Japan, A Drastic Change in the Shading Techniques by Renoir

Rui Li, Peking University, PRC, Surpassing Realism – Reconstructing the Film Aesthetics of Andre Bazin


Honorable Mention

Alexey Aliyev, University of Maryland, USA, What Is a Novel?

Jane Lee, The University of Tokyo, Japan, Redefining Expressivity of Postmodern Dance

Katerina Parizkova, Masaryk University, Czech Republic, The Significance of Silence and Non-sense in Appreciation of Nature

Yi-Ting Wang, University of Paris 8, France, Resiting and reformulating – mixed territorial aesthetics in Taiwan

Yukirou Murai, Kyoto University, Japan, Unison trills and chromatics in Litzt’s transcription of Schubert’s Wanderer-Fantasie – Tracing Alkan’s influence in an intertextual/medial realm

Maria Romakina, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, Six Heads, Three Legs, Four Torsos: the Hybrid Human Body in Kaleidoscopic Photography and Video Projects

Ruijing Zhang, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, PRC, The Role of Emotion in Dewey’s Expression Theory

Wang Shuo, Peking University, PRC, Zen Buddhism and Chinese Contemporary Abstract Art

Jongju Park, Seoul National University, Korea, Internet and Public Art: A Preliminary Sketch

Eunyoung Chang, Seoul National University, Korea, The perception of the specificity of a painter and a painting in the late Joseon Dynasty