The  First International Congress of Aesthetics (ICA) was organized by Max Dessoir in Berlin in 1913. A second congress took place in Paris in 1937.  Interrupted by the Second World War, the congresses resumed in 1956, when the third congress was held in Venice.  From that time until 1992, congresses took place at four-year intervals. From that time on they have been arranged at three-year intervals. Until 2000 all congresses were held in Europe.  Increasing interest in aesthetics and a greater concern for international communication and association led the Association to enlarge the geographical scope of the congresses, starting with the XVth ICA in Tokyo, 2001. The later congresses were organised in Rio de Janeiro in 2004, Ankara in 2007, Beijing in 2010, Krakow in 2013, Seoul in 2016 and Belgrade in 2019. The next ICA will be in Belo Horizonte, in 2022.

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