Contemporary Issues in Aesthetics – An Annual of the International Association for Aesthetics

Contemporary Issues in Aesthetics
An Annual of the International Association for Aesthetics

 ISSN 3050-4783

Series Editors

Enea Bianchi (University of Galway) and Zhuofei Wang (University of Kassel)

Aims & Scope

Building on the legacy of the former International Yearbook of Aesthetics, Contemporary Issues in Aesthetics. An Annual of the International Association for Aesthetics (CIAA) serves as an academic platform dedicated to the exploration and dissemination of contributions in the field of contemporary aesthetics. Its primary goal is to cultivate a pluralistic, decentred scholarly discussion that promotes the study of contemporary aesthetics and its impact on cultural and social contexts on a global scale.


The Series welcomes research articles covering a wide range of issues and concerns in the field of contemporary aesthetics, art theory, art criticism, also including environmental aesthetics, everyday aesthetics, somaesthetics, digital aesthetics and design aesthetics. We welcome submissions from various philosophical traditions and perspectives.

Submission Format

The Series alternates, with an annual frequency, between a special volume (with guest editors) and a general volume (open to individual submissions).

The special volume is designed and supervised by guest editors, and should contain a minimum of 75,000 words.

The general volume, designed and supervised by the editors of the CIAA, is composed of a main section (approx. 75% of the volume) and a miscellaneous section (approx. 25%). The miscellaneous section contains “Impulses and Reflections” on contemporary aesthetics.

Contributions should be between 6,000 and 8,000 words, while the miscellaneous section can include shorter pieces.

How to Prepare a Proposal

Information on how to prepare a proposal can be downloaded here. Please use the attached form:

Manuscript Questionnaire 2024

Please send your edited volume proposal (for the special volume) or individual submission (for the general volume) to the series editors, Enea Bianchi and Zhuofei Wang, at:

For more details, please visit Brill Publishing’s website.

Submission Evaluation

Submissions, linked to the corresponding call for papers, will be evaluated competitively.