Evental Aesthetics


Evental Aesthetics 2, no.1 (2013) – Aesthetics Before 1700 – Deadline: February 1, 2013

The Editors of Evental Aesthetics, a peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to philosophy and art, are pleased to invite submissions for our forthcoming issue on aesthetic practices developed prior to 1700.

We welcome authors from any discipline, and topics based on the aesthetic practice of any culture.  Neither philosophical perspectives nor artworks proposed for analysis need originate in Western cultures, although they may of course do so.

We welcome both full-length articles (4,000-10,000 words, excluding endnotes) and Collisions (1,000-2,000 words).  Collisions are brief, but well-written and intellectually rigorous, responses to aesthetic experiences that raise philosophical questions for discussion, but that do not necessarily enact the discussion in full.  More information on Collisions is available at http://eventalaesthetics.net/for-authors.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

* Aesthetic concerns in Pre-Socratic Greek philosophy
* Definitions of, and relationships between, beauty and ethics
* Aesthetic aspects of ancient cosmologies
* Prehistoric art
* Philosophical accounts of art, and what we would now call aesthetic matters, by ancient and pre-modern authors
* Evaluations of newer reflections on pre-1700 aesthetic theories
* Newer aesthetic theories based on practices developed before 1700
* Analyses of art, literature, music, everyday aesthetic practices made in any culture before 1700
* Aesthetic analyses of pre-1700 religious practices
* The use of pre-1700 aesthetic practices, artworks, or ideas in more recent art, literature, music, cinema, everyday practices, and aesthetic theories.
* Other topics pertaining to aesthetic practices developed before 1700 are also welcome.

Submission Requirements:

* Please send your submissions electronically in MS Word format (doc or docx files), double-spaced in a legible font, in accordance with The Chicago Manual of Style (endnotes, please).
* Be sure to accompany your submission with an abstract (max. 250 words), a bibliography, and at least 5 keywords that may be used as search terms.
* Articles must be in English, but we welcome either American or British spelling provided the submission remains consistent throughout.
* All submissions must be formatted for blind review, which means that the author’s name, affiliation, contact information, and biographical details should not appear anywhere on your document, neither in the file name nor in the text.
* Before submitting, please review our submission requirements, review procedures, and copyright policy athttp://eventalaesthetics.net/for-authors and ensure that your submission meets all posted requirements.  Submissions that do not meet the requirements cannot be considered for publication.
* Please email your submission to eventalaesthetics@gmail.com, by February 1, 2013.  Questions may be directed to the Editors at the same address.