IAA Yearbook Vol. 14.

Wang Keping (ed.). Diversity and Universality in Aesthetics
IAA Yearbook Vol. 14., 2010


About the editor

Wang Keping (Keping Wang) is a research fellow of Institute of Philosophy of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), professor and head of Institute for Transcultural Studies of Beijing International Studies University (BISU). He is currently vice president of International Society for Universal Dialogue (ISUD) as a member of FISP, vice president of Chinese Society for Foreign Literature and Comparative Poetics, and an honorary member of the Olympic Center for Philosophy and Culture under University of Athens. His was the holder of British Academy K. C. Wong Fellowship, and visiting fellow of St. Anne’s College of Oxford University (2000). He has academic interests in aesthetics and ancient philosophy. His main publications in English include the Chinese Way of Thinking (2009); Spirit of Chinese Poetics (2008); Ethos of Chinese Culture (2007); Chinese Philosophy on Life (2006); and The Classic of the Dao: A New Investigation (1998). His main publications in Chinese include the Interpretation and Reflection (2008); Aesthetic Travelling (2006); Plato’s Poetics in The Republic (2005), Toward a Transcultural Aesthetics (2002), Essays on Sino-Western Aesthetic Culture (1999); Sightseeing as an Aesthetic Activity (1991). He is also the co-author, editor and co-editor of A History of Western Aesthetics (vol. 3, 2008); Aesthetic Play in Art Education (2007); Poetics and Literature (2007); A Transcenturial Debate on Practical Aesthetics (2006); Aesthetics and Culture: East and West (2005); Aesthetics in Tourism (2000).