Guidelines IAA Congresses

The following Guidelines are intended for the organizers of an International Congress for Aesthetics (ICA). Their aim is to enable such organizers to follow common procedures and make similar decisions concerning various recurring issues. They are to be read and interpreted in conjunction with the IAA Constitution.

(1)  The aim of the ICA is the international exchange of ideas and the promotion of aesthetics.

(2)  An ICA takes place every three or four years (see the IAA Constitution, Article V).

(3)  An ICA is organized by an ICA Organizing Committee chosen by a member society for aesthetics or a group of individuals (in countries or regions without national or regional societies). The formal proposals to host and organize an ICA are made to the IAA Executive Committee which then selects among the proposals. The IAA Executive Committee may choose more than one proposal for an ICA but should in such a case also decide on the sequence of the ICAs.

(4) From the time of the selection of a proposal to host and organize an ICA until its realization the ICA Liaison Committee (appointed by the IAA Executive Committee and chaired by the president of the ICA Liaison Committee) serves as the main link between the ICA Organizing Committee and the IAA Executive Committee (see the IAA Constitution, Article V).

(5) In the case of a meeting of the IAA Executive Committee in the period between two ICAs, at such a meeting the representative of the ICA Organizing Committee shall report to the IAA Executive Committee on the preparations of the ICA.

(6) During the preparation of an ICA it is advisable for the ICA Organizing Committee to retain close contact with the IAA President, the IAA Secretary-General, and the IAA Executive Committee, so as to allow for additional continuous communication with the IAA.

(7)  The advisable duration of an ICA is five days.

(8)  An ICA is an international congress, so an appropriate number of invited speakers (at least two thirds) should be international scholars and from countries others than the host country.

(9) There are no official languages at an ICA, although it has been the custom to have English, French and German as the languages of individual ICAs.

(10)An ICA consists primarily of plenary sessions and sections. Sometimes round tables, panel discussions and conferences on individual topics are also included as integral parts of the official program. Such and related decisions are made autonomously by the ICA Organizing Committee.

(11) The ICA Organizing Committee chooses plenary and other speakers.

(12) It is a custom that during an ICA cultural events related to the venue of the ICA and the topic of the ICA are organized by the ICA organizers.

(13) The IAA Executive Committee may offer recommendations to the ICA Organizing Committee as concerns the preparations of an ICA.

(14) The ICA program must include the list of the IAA officers. The outgoing ICA officers are the official officers and representatives of the IAA until the General Meeting of the IAA (which takes place during an ICA). It is then that the incoming IAA officers take over the leadership of the IAA.

(15)  The outgoing IAA President gives the opening address at the ICA.

(16) The  ICA Organizing Committee schedules at least two IAA Meetings during the days the congress takes place.

(17)  It is the duty of the ICA organizers to assure the publication of ICA Proceedings.

(18)  It is the duty of the ICA organizers to collect the IAA membership fee for the period from one ICA to another from the ICA participants at the time when the latter pay the ICA registration fee.

(19) The registration fee is decided upon by the ICA Organizing Committee. It is advisable that it also includes, free of extra charge, the ICA Proceedings.

(20) The Honorary Presidents and Honorary Life Members of the IAA are exempt from paying the ICA registration fee. The ICA Organizing Committee is advised, if so requested, to offer a reasonable financial assistance to such persons so that they can attend the ICA.

(21) The IAA carries no financial or other responsibilities for the execution of an ICA.

(22) The ICA Organizing Committee is not financially responsible to the IAA but to those who finance its activities.