Historical and Philosophical Aesthetics

Historical and Philosophical Aesthetics

ISSN 3050-4783

Series Editors

Lisa Giombini (Roma Tre University) and Adrián Kvokačka (University of Presov)

Aims & Scope

This series aims to present a pioneering collection of scholarly works at the forefront of aesthetics and the philosophy of art. In line with the ethos of the International Association for Aesthetics, it seeks to redefine the landscape of aesthetics by exploring the interplay between art, nature, human-made environments, everyday objects, and our aesthetic sensibilities.


The series covers a diverse array of topics and methodologies, from fundamental principles guiding our engagement with various art forms to inquiries into the origins and evolution of our aesthetic faculties and their connections to politics, culture, and society. It welcomes explorations into applied aesthetics and unconventional subjects, as well as traditional studies that examine the history of aesthetic theory and its central concepts.

Submission Format

The series includes both monographs and edited collections designed to be intellectually stimulating, engaging, and accessible not only to scholars of aesthetics but also to individuals passionate about philosophy and the arts. We expect proposals for manuscripts that will, in their final form, contain a minimum of 75,000 words.

How to Prepare a Proposal

Information on how to prepare a proposal can be downloaded here. Please use the attached form:

Manuscript Questionnaire 2024

Please send your book proposal to the series editors, Lisa Giombini and Adrián Kvokačka, at: hpa.brill.series@gmail.com

For more details, please visit Brill Publishing’s website.

Submission Evaluation

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis and will be evaluated competitively.