Previous congresses of the IAA

Previous congresses of the IAA



By Jos de Mul

         I     Berlin (Germany), 1913        II     Paris (France), 1937       III     Venice (Italy), 1956       IV    Athens (Greece), 1960       …

Volume 18. Krystyna Wilkoszewska (ed.). Aesthetics in Action

Volume 18. Krystyna Wilkoszewska (ed.). Aesthetics in Action



By Zoltan

Volume 18. Krystyna Wilkoszewska (ed.). Aesthetics in Action. International Yearbook of Aesthetics. Volume 18. 2014   Content   The 18th…

"Aesthetics and Mass Culture" – Proceedings of ICA 2016 – Seoul, Korea

"Aesthetics and Mass Culture" – Proceedings of ICA 2016 – Seoul, Korea



By Zoltan

"Aesthetics and Mass Culture" Proceedings of the 20th International Congress of Aesthetics Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea Organised by the…

Volume 19. Zoltán Somhegyi (ed.). Retracing the past. Historical continuity in aesthetics from a global perspective

Volume 19. Zoltán Somhegyi (ed.). Retracing the past. Historical continuity in aesthetics from a global perspective



By Zoltan

Zoltán Somhegyi (ed.). Retracing the past. Historical continuity in aesthetics from a global perspective International Yearbook of Aesthetics. Volume 19. 2017…

Volume 20. Misko Suvakovic and Vladimir Mako (ed.). The Aesthetics of Architecture – Beyond Form

Volume 20. Misko Suvakovic and Vladimir Mako (ed.). The Aesthetics of Architecture – Beyond Form



By Zoltan

Misko Suvakovic and Vladimir Mako (ed.). The Aesthetics of Architecture – Beyond Form. International Yearbook of Aesthetics. Volume 20. 2020

CFP – 22. International Congress of Aesthetics (ICA 22) – 24-29 July, 2022, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

CFP – 22. International Congress of Aesthetics (ICA 22) – 24-29 July, 2022, Belo Horizonte, Brazil



By Zoltan

CALL FOR PAPERS Abstract submissions are now open, until 15 October, 2021, for ICA 22. Please, find further details in…

Volume 16. Peng Feng (ed.). Aesthetics and Contemporary Art. International Yearbook of Aesthetics. Volume 16. 2012




The competition between philosophy and the arts can be traced back to the ancient times. In the Twentieth Century, this competition reached its culmination when art was pronounced reaching its end while aesthetics was declared irrelevant to the arts. Formalism abandoned the beautiful in aestheticism, Dadaism betrayed the autonomous or artistic merit in formalism, finally the contemporary conceptual art rejected the aesthetic, and so aesthetics or philosophy of art was totally expelled from the art world. Now we reach a historical stage where art and aesthetics are seeking for a reconciliation. The essays in this book show this new tendency in different ways.    


About the Editor


Peng Feng is professor of aesthetics and art criticism at Peking University. He is also a playwright, freelance art critic and curator of exhibitions at international level. He has curated over 200 art exhibitions including the China Pavilion at the 54. international art exhibition of Venice Biennale 2011, The 1. International Sculpture Exhibition of Datong Biennale 2011, and The 1. International Art Exhibition of China Xinjiang Biennale. He has published 15 books including Return of Presence: Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Art Theory (Beijing: China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Press, 2016); Arts Studies (Beijing: Peking University Press, 2016), Cross- Disciplines: The Adventure of Aesthetics in Contemporary Art (Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press, 2015); Modern Chinese Aesthetics (Nanjing: Fenghuang Press, 2013); Pervasion: China Pavilion at the 54. International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia (Beijing: People’s Art Press, 2012); Introduction to Aesthetics (Shanghai: Fudan University, 2011); Return of Beauty: 11 Issues of Contemporary Aesthetics (Beijing: Peking University Press, 2009); Perfect Nature (Beijing: Peking University Press, 2005); The Western Aesthetics and the Western Art (Beijing: Peking University Press, 2005), and so on. Since 2013, his musical The Red Lantern has been travelling in China.

Announcement from the Nominating Committee of IAA:

New officers of the IAA, serving from 2016 to 2019:


President: Jale Erzen (Turkey)

1st Vice President: Krystyna Wilkoszewska (Poland)

2nd Vice President: Miodrag Suvakovic (Serbia)


Secretary General: Zoltan Somhegyi (Hungary / United Arab Emirates)

Assistant Secretary General: Tanehisa Otabe (Japan)


Delegates-at-Large: Kathleen Higgins (United States), Eva Kit Wah Man (Hong Kong)

Contemporary Aesthetics is pleased to announce the publication of Special Volume 5 (2016) "Contemporary Perspectives on Philosophy and Film."

This volume was guest edited by Stefan Deines (University of Macau and Goethe University) and Mario Wenning (University of Macau and Sun Yatsen University, Guangzhou). The papers published in this special volume present contemporary philosophical perspectives on the epistemic, ontological, and ethical characteristics and potentials of film. The papers emerged out of presentations that were given during a conference that was held at the University of Macau on March 31 and April 1, 2015. Authors include Robert Sinnerbrink, Martin Seel, Josef Früchtl, Jean-Yves Heurtebise, Paisley Livingston & Trevor Ponech, Law Nga-chun & Lo Chun-cheong, and Angela Keppler.





A still increasing interest in aesthetics and also diversity and complexity of aesthetic studies can be noticed over the last couple of decades. The volume title, Transacting Aesthetics, emphasizes something active, dynamic, interactive, operative, participative, but also something what is malleable or in action, in progress, undergoing operations and whose boundaries cannot be circumscribed. Emergence of new scientific tools and methodologies, new artistic and aesthetic phenomena and/or new sources of aesthetic reflection make aesthetics an interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary sphere, wherein disciplinary convergences are privileged; reshaping the domain into a field being subjected to permanent transacting.


About the Editor


Sebastian Stankiewicz

Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Applicants of the Young Scholar Awards who wish their registration fee to be refunded must declare their absence to the Organizing Committee of ICA 2016 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by June 30.

No refunds will be granted for withdrawals after this date.


Young Scholar Awards

Juhan Yoon, Seoul National University, Korea, Cognitive Value and Artistic Value of Fictional Narrative Art

Kunhong Choi, Seoul National University, Korea, Aesthetic Particularism and Presumptive Justifications

Sung, Ji Eun, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA, Thwarted Utopia: Kim Ku-lim’s Experiment on Modern Art and Life

Yuan-chieh Yang, University of Alberta, Canada, Emotion, Accessibility, and Mass Art

Hu, Xiaoyan, The University of Liverpool, England, Beyond Representation: Reconsidering Loehr’s Periodisation of Chinese Painting

Keunchang  Oh, Purdue University, USA, Judgment and Frame: Two Key Concepts for Deconstructing Kantian Aesthetics

Moonyoung Song, University of Maryland, USA, Anti-intentionalism about Musical Expressiveness

Niels van Poecke, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Conversation with the Blues: on the tragic aspects of American blues music

Marie Moriguchi, Kansai University, Japan, A Drastic Change in the Shading Techniques by Renoir

Rui Li, Peking University, PRC, Surpassing Realism – Reconstructing the Film Aesthetics of Andre Bazin


Honorable Mention

Alexey Aliyev, University of Maryland, USA, What Is a Novel?

Jane Lee, The University of Tokyo, Japan, Redefining Expressivity of Postmodern Dance

Katerina Parizkova, Masaryk University, Czech Republic, The Significance of Silence and Non-sense in Appreciation of Nature

Yi-Ting Wang, University of Paris 8, France, Resiting and reformulating – mixed territorial aesthetics in Taiwan

Yukirou Murai, Kyoto University, Japan, Unison trills and chromatics in Litzt’s transcription of Schubert’s Wanderer-Fantasie – Tracing Alkan’s influence in an intertextual/medial realm

Maria Romakina, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, Six Heads, Three Legs, Four Torsos: the Hybrid Human Body in Kaleidoscopic Photography and Video Projects

Ruijing Zhang, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, PRC, The Role of Emotion in Dewey’s Expression Theory

Wang Shuo, Peking University, PRC, Zen Buddhism and Chinese Contemporary Abstract Art

Jongju Park, Seoul National University, Korea, Internet and Public Art: A Preliminary Sketch

Eunyoung Chang, Seoul National University, Korea, The perception of the specificity of a painter and a painting in the late Joseon Dynasty


New Ontologies of Art

University of Warsaw

14th - 16th December, 2016


Keynote speakers:

Tiziana Andina (University of Turin)

Arto Haapala (University of Helsinki)

Jason Gaiger (University of Oxford)


The aim of this conference is to shed light on the role of ontology in contemporary aesthetics and the philosophy of art. Ontology of art is flourishing, with a plethora of papers appearing each year dedicated to this area. It is commonly believed that ontology of art is the main field in aesthetics. This is not surprising since many (if not all) aesthetic questions presuppose some level of ontological inquiry. On the other hand, lasting achievements in this area have proved elusive. The artworld constantly brings forth new art objects and practices that undermine established ontological categories and concepts. This indisputable fact is a trigger for new investigations within and beyond traditionally understood ontology of art. We warmly invite papers that reconsider the value and methods of ontology of art – broadly understood – by exploring new concepts and fields of inquiry.


No specific methodology or philosophical orientation is required in submissions.


Suggested topics/questions:


Do we (still) need ontology of art?

How can ontology of art help in understanding or experiencing artworks?

New concepts and/or methods in ontology of art.

The ontology of emerging art forms.

The descriptivism/revisionism debate in ontology of art.

Ontology of art influenced by other disciplines such as law or science.


Please send a title and a 500 word abstract, suitable for blind review, in either Word or PDF format, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For each talk, there will be time for a 30-minute presentation, with another 15 minutes designated for discussion. The deadline for submission is September 15, 2016. Notification of acceptance will be sent by September 30, 2016.


The conference fee for both established academics and PhD students is 20 Euros. There is also a separate (optional) fee for the conference dinner of 40 Euros.


Organizer: Adam Andrzejewski

Dear Colleagues and Candidates for Young Scholar Award,


I am pleased to announce that the deadline for the application for Young Scholar Award has been extended till 20 May 2016.

The Organisers of ICA 2016 Seoul encourage all interested colleagues to submit their paper for consideration.

Please, find further info on the submission criteria here, or by clicking on this link:




Call for Papers and Panels: Engagement: Symposium for Philosophy of Dance and Performance


We invite scholars to submit abstracts for an interdisciplinary symposium investigating philosophy and dance. Featuring live performances and keynote speakers from the fields of ballet, modern, and popular dance, aesthetics, philosophy of art, dance theory, choreography, and multi-media dance; the symposium will also include interdisciplinary panels for scholars, practitioners, and students, and will result in a book and two special issues of scholarly journals. Invited keynote speakers include, Julie Van Camp, Arnold Berleant, Richard Shustermann, Robert Crease, and Barbara Montero. The performing dance companies will be Mark Morris Dance Company (Brooklyn, New York), Erick Hawkins Dance Company (NYC, New York), and ARCOS (Austin, Texas).

We plan an exploration of aspects of dance that impact our understanding of what it means to be a human being, through discussion and dialogue as well as practice and performance. There will be workshops and master-class sessions held in conjunction with the symposium.

Please note: We invite individual papers, as well as panels of professors and students.

Papers are to be limited to 20 minutes to allow time for discussion. Please submit a 250-300 word abstract, and a CV or professional bio.

Panels will be scheduled for 1-hour, and can include 3-5 participants. Please submit a 500-600 word abstract of your topic and panel, along with the names and short bios or CVs of panel participants.

What: Engagement: Symposium for Philosophy of Dance and Performance Where: Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas

When: September 8 - 10, 2016

Submit Proposals and Learn More:

Submission Deadline June 1, 2016

Current Sponsors: Texas State University Division of Dance, Texas State University Department of Philosophy, Texas State University College of Fine Arts and Communication, and the American Society for Aesthetics.