Lilianna Bieszczad (ed.) Practicing Aesthetics


Selection of papers from the 19th International Congress of Aesthetics in Cracow 2013, “Aesthetics in Action”. The title of the monograph, Practising Aesthetics, refers to the various senses of the term practice, its keynote being the paraphrase of the topic of the 19th Congress: Art in Action. In most general terms, its subject matter explores the sphere of the cooperation between aesthetic thought and artistic practice, their interconnections and mutual inspirations. The term practising is intentionally used in the title to point to various projects whose different ways of approaching aesthetic reflection are evident in the way they develop their arguments, their selection of issues to be examined as well as examples from art chosen to illustrate those issues.



About the Editor

Lilianna Bieszczad

Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland