Nature and the City. International conference “Nature and the City.Bologna, June 28-30, 2012


SIE, Società Italiana d’Estetica

Laboratory for Research on the City, University of Bologna

The 2012
Interim meeting of the Executive Committee (EC) of the IAA will take place in
June 28-30 2012 at sala Farnese, Piazza Maggiore, Bologna. The theme is “Nature
and the City”. All researchers and scholars interested in this topic are
invited to participate in the conference with a paper.

Only Word
documents will be accepted, the suggested font type and dimension are Times New
Roman and 11, the number of page shall be between 5 and 15.

In order to
select the paper that will be presented during the conference abstracts will be
evaluated by a group of experts.

Please send
your abstract to the address: before May 10 2012, you will
receive a confirmation of receipt, in case you don’t please send your e-mail

Theme: Nature
and the City

The city, too,
is landscape. We can leave it by going into nature exchanging the urban for the
rural, but we can also enter the city to live within the architecture and
contemplate its forms. Every architectural structure is a landscape and
promotes an educational or paedeumatic relationship between the spirit and the
environment. Our gaze and our bodies activate a certain way of contemplating
that promotes the interchange between the external perception of the physical
world and an internal seeing, which is the psychic perception of the visual
image. There is a close relationship between the aesthetic experience of the
natural environment and that of the urban landscape. In the same way that
humankind lives on the earth so, too, it lives in the city.

The theme
could be approached from various perspectives such as, ‘nature/culture’; ‘city
as human nature’; ‘ecology and the city’; symbols and metaphors; domesticated
nature; nature interiorized; parks and natural environments, and other related

topics: City Landscapes, The Garden City, History of City/Nature relations,
Nature-Culture, Nature and the City from Ecological, Design, Artistic aspects.

Admission fee:

Students and
Ph.D. students 60 euro

Academics and all Participants
120 euro

The admission
fee covers the attendance to the whole conference, related materials, two light
lunches and the social dinner.

Registrations are possible on
the web site .