Rasa 101 and Rasa Fest – 19-22 May, 2024, University of British Columbia

Koodiyattam (Kutiyattam) performer Kapila Venu by Tiwaribharat CC-BYSA


Philosophy boasts a copious literature on the expression of emotion by artworks and on the emotional responses that artworks merit. This two-part event introduces contemporary philosophy to a rich historical tradition from South Asia.

Rasa 101 is a two-day crash course on rasa theory for anyone interested in getting up to speed on the topic, either with an eye to teaching it or to using it in their research.

Rasa Fest features presentations by five speakers over two days, with generous time allocated to discussion in formal sessions and during social breaks. It aims to create a community of scholars working on rasa from the perspective of contemporary aesthetics, emotion theory, philosophy of mind, or epistemology.

Deadline to apply for travel funding: 14 February.

Please, find more information on the event’s website.