Transcultural Aesthetics

Transcultural Aesthetics

ISSN 2773-0921

Series Editor

Manfred Milz (University of Regensburg / University of Johannesburg)

Aims & Scope

The multinational character of the International Association of Aesthetics, its geographical and ethnic diversity, provides through this book series a forum of various discourses for the critical interpretation of issues and debates within contemporary and historical global aesthetics. Furthermore, this poly-faceted spectrum generates a repertoire differing in its methodological perspectives, disciplines, and specialisations.


The series welcomes scholars in- and outside the IAA to voice the most urgent global challenges from the perspective of aesthetics: inter- and trans-disciplinary western and non-western aesthetics, geopolitical aesthetics (ecologically and politically motivated migration; re-evaluating colonialism and its cultural heritage), relations between philosophical and cultural oriented aesthetics, media- and techno-aesthetics, as well as aesthetics of historical and contemporary arts.

Submission Format

Proposals for manuscripts of monographs and edited collections are expected to encompass a minimum of 75,000 words.

How to Prepare a Proposal

Information on how to prepare a proposal can be downloaded here. Please use the attached form:

Manuscript Questionnaire 2024

Please send your book proposal! to the series editor, Manfred Milz, at:

For more details, please visit Brill Publishing’s website.

Submission Evaluation

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis and will be evaluated competitively.


TCA Volumes already published:

Vol. 5 20 June 2024

We have always been Transcultural: The Arts as an Example, by Wolfgang Welsch

Vol. 4 22 April 2024

Art, Philosophy, and Ideology: Writings on Aesthetics and Visual Culture. From the Avant Garde to Postcolonialism, by Ales Erjavec, edited by Tyrus Miller

Vol. 3 03 April 2024

A Walk in the Park: Kinesthesia in the Arts of Landscape, by Susan Pashman

Vol. 2 13 November 2023

Controversy and Construction in Contemporary Aesthetics, edited by Jie Wang, Zheng Shen, and Armida de la Garza

Vol.1 08 January 2024

The European Avant-Garde – A Hundred Years Later, edited by Polona Tratnik