Unsettled Boundaries: Philosophy, Art, and Ethics East/West. Marquette University. Department of Philosophy, Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA, October 12-14, 2011.

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  1. cooperation, and understanding among Chinese and American scholars on a topic of mutual interest.
  2. American scholars and students.
  3. art, and ethics in a global context of East/West scholarship.

Scholars East and West are invited to explore the Interre¬lations of Philosophy, Art, and Ethics East/West. Invited Speakers include: Gao Jianping (aesthetics and literary theory), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences); Liu Yuedi (aesthetics, contempo¬rary art theory), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Peng Feng (aesthetics, philosophy), Peking University; Wang Chunchen (contemporary art), Central Academy of Fine Arts; Eva Man, (philosophy) Hong Kong Baptist University; Zhou Xian, (aesthet¬ics and literary theory), Nanking University; Liu Chengji (phi-losophy), Beijing Normal University); Cheng Xiangzhan, (aes¬thetics and literary theory), Shandong University; Noel Carroll (aesthetics and ethics), Graduate Center, CUNY; Stephen Davies, (philosophy, aesthetics), University of Auckland; Ivan Gaskell, (art history), Harvard University; John Lysaker, (philosophy), Emory University; Garry Hagberg (aesthetics and ethics), Bard College; Richard Shusterman (philosophy), Florida International University; Jason Wirth, (philosophy, film), Seattle University; and Mary Wiseman (comparative philosophy), CUNY. Papers from the Conference will be published in a book.

Contemporary Relevance of this Conference: The interest in literally all aspects of cultural exchanges between China and the West, from economic and trade concerns to philosophy, art, and ethics, are at the forefront and intersection of pressing contemporary issues. This conference, which brings scholars into cross-cultural conversation, aims to bring forth new insights into the conceptual and social interrelations of philosophy, art, and ethics. Examining these interwoven topics will both contribute to a global appreciation and critical analysis of the worth of philosophy, art, and ethics in Chinese and Western thought.

Conference Schedule:

Opening Keynote Address and Reception: Haggerty Museum,

5:30 pm October 12, 2011